Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory

Engineering dynamic reciprocity in supramolecular DNA-based nanomaterials.

Can we make materials that speak the cellular language?

The goal of the Programmable Biomaterials Lab is to integrate dynamic reciprocity, e.g. a two-way action-reaction feedback loop, into supramolecular nanomaterials.

Crossing materials engineering with biophysics and immune biology creates a research space with the potential to advance the impact of DNA-based nanomaterials to truly become integrated with cellular action. The technology that has been taken from the living cell to the engineering table over the past decades will now find its way back into its original space to perform tasks it never knew it could. 


Combining materials engineering with biophysics and immune biology, we lift DNA to become a quantifiable biomaterial with unprecedented control in cellular (inter)action.  


Exploiting the multitude of dynamic non-covalent interactions presented by DNA, we want to create materials that self-organize into functional architectures, dictated by a dynamic interplay with cellular interactions.


ERC starting Grant for Maartje Bastings’ project InActioN

  • DNA nanotechnology
  • Supramolecular polymer self-assembly
  • Soft matter
  • Cell uptake and stability
  • Immune engineering
Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain.
Leonardo da Vinci
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