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Welcome to the Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory!

The Programmable Biomaterials Laboratory (PBL) is part of the Institute of Materials (IMX) at EPFL. Research in our lab focuses on the development of programmable guidelines to control self-assembly of supramolecular materials. Through the addition of DNA, the ultimate programmable biopolymer, at the cell-material interface, we aim to transfer information provided by the cell-surface to guide the assembly of polymers and peptides into the perfect ECM mimicking environment.

We combine our expertise in polymer chemistry, DNA and peptide synthesis and protein engineering with bioconjugation techniques to create novel building blocks for nanoparticle and biomaterial self-assembly. Through extensive material characterization and the understanding of the intended programmed self-assembly processes, ultimately it will be cell viability and organoid/tissue proliferation that will reveal the success of our engineering efforts.