Open positions

PBL is looking for a talented postdoc (2y) for our hydrogels project

To boost our research in programmable hydrogels, and focus on the design of new DNA-hybrid monomers, we are looking for a motivated Postdoc with expertise in organic chemistry, physical chemistry and soft matter theory, as well as characterisation of hydrogels. If you want to work in a dynamic, young team and experience the early phases of an academic lab, contact us!

Postdoctoral fellows are also welcome to apply with personal funding. Contact for assistance in grant writing.

PhD positions:

Understanding the thermodynamics of multivalent precision interactions.

We are looking for a motivated student to work on the thermodynamics of multivalent binding using ITC. One of our core interests is a quantitative understanding of (multivalent) binding and interactions of the molecules we make. Do you want to become expert in this technology and apply these measurements toward fundamental understanding of targeting, selectivity as well as gelation? contact us!

Exploring patterns of proteins on the cell membrane using selective-binding with DNA-based precision particles. 

We will exploit multivalency of rigid nanoparticles to achieve selective cell binding and characterise (dynamic) protein patterns on the cell surface. Insights can be used for diagnostics as well as understand and manipulate cell-adhesion and surface signalling pathways.

EDMX (Materials Science and Engineering)
EDBB (Biotechnology & Bioengineering)

Master semester projects or internships

Master students in Materials Science or Biotechnology interested in our research may email the professor or respective PhD students.

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