The Dream Team

Principal Investigator Administrative Assistant
Prof. Maartje M.C. Bastings

Eulalia Durussel

Deals with everything important and enjoys running long distances Runs the background and is the heart of the laboratory
PhD students
Hale Bila

Eva Kurisinkal

Expert in Tripods and loves long walks on the beach Splits cells and does cool AFM images, also, enjoys
creating riddles
Alice Comberlato

Filippo Ceccon

Master of DNA origami and has a mad rubber duck collection Gel cross-linking with DNA with an amazing collection of hats
Kaltrina Paloja

Vincenzo Caroprese

Artificial DNA T-cells, also, is the most stylish member

Master and visiting student projects

Olivia Courbot

Laura Rijns

Programmable Multivalency DNA multivalency
Masters students
  • Camille Daganaud (Fall 2019)
  • Emilie Vuille-Dit-Bille
    Spring 2019
  • Eliane Brechbuehl
    Immunostaining for cell adhesion studies, Autumn 2019
  • Hugo Rodriguez
    Analysed the stability of DNA nanoparticles for immuno applications, Autumn 2018
  • Giacomo Chizzola
    Optimisation in multivalency of DNA polypods, Spring 2018
  • Alix Dupire
  • Léonard Guex
  • Josephine Pratiwi
  • Cem Tekin
Bachelor’s students
  • Marc Bordui, Designed DNA tiles for immuno applications, Summer 2018
  • Thais Lindemann, Optimisation in multivalency of DNA polypods, Spring 2018
  • Anouk Vechambre, DNA origami VIDOs, Spring 2018
  • Fabiano Romano, Bachelor’s project : Developped micro-rheology code for soft hydrogels, Spring 2018


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